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Luo Zhongli,Father,1980,215×150cm,oil on canvas


Many people may remember a large-scale farmer's head portrait, which makes strong visual effect, and emotional power. It touches the heart of the Chinese people. This picture is Father created by Luo Zhongli. Luo Zhongli was born in 1948 in Chongqing. He graduated from the attached middle school of Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in 1968, and worked in Daba Mountain for 10 years. He went to study in the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in 1978, and Father was created during that time. He delicately portrayed a typical Chinese farmer with realistic approach. The old man’s dark face is full of wrinkles, and with a "bad luck spot" near his nose, parched lips, an only tooth, and the injured hand with an old bowl in it. All these are so real before people's eyes. His creativity and the profound concept of the picture shocked the fine art circle, and also the whole society. A discussion of the real and typical of the figure, and the form and esthetic value were aroused. This picture was named My Father originally, and it was awarded the 1st Prize on the 2nd China Youth Art Exhibition, and was renamed Father by the judges. After he graduated from university in 1982, he stayed to teach. In 1983, he went to Awepp Royal Fine Art Academy for further education. After graduation, he went back to teach in Sichuan Fine Art Institute. He is the Dean of that university at present.