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Wang Xia,Girl of Sea Island,1961,173×84cm,oil on canvas


Wang Xia, Female, was born in Gaomi, Shandong in 1935, and grew up in the coastal city Qingdao. She joined the army to do publicity work when he was 14. She entered Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1955. She graduated from the Dong Xiwen Oil Painting Studio, which is famous for its emphasis on the national cultural heritage, and anti-naturalism in 1961. In order to finish her graduate design, she went to experience life in some coastal island. She created Girl of Sea Island with many features of fishing girls in one. She created a strong, confident, and passionate fishing girl with the strong contrast of color, and rough drawing skills add flavor of life and times in the picture, which made great influence at that time. Of course, the feminine features are weakened in that picture, from which we can see that time, has changed, and men and women are equal. After graduation, has been a professor in Kaifeng Normal University, the Institute of Fine Arts of Nanjing, and Nanjing Normal University.