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Three’s Company - Watercolor Exhibition: Three Northern Artists’ Hometown Feelings

The exhibition shows 120 pieces of representative watercolour painting works of three northern painters Guan Weixing, Zhang Kerang Zhang Xiangde. They had been accompanying with each other in the wind and rain, working together through the past seven years, "Three’s Company" contains unusual deep feelings. Visitors can not only enjoy artistic achievements of these three artists, but also understand local customs and practices of Northeast China.
This exhibition in National Art Museum of China is the fourth station of the "Three’s Company", three artists all come from Northeast China, Guan Weixing is from Jilin, Zhang Xiang from Liaoning and Zhang Kerang from Heilongjiang. Three artists have different creation styles, figures painted by Guan Weixing look vividly and perfectly, his works extol the "beauty" and reflect the life and is full of sunshine and love, arousing people’s thirst for sunshine and truth, goodness and beauty. With systematic academy education background, Zhang Kerang created works by following no set patterns; Zhang Xiangde’s works focus on the embodiment of dynamic momentum of pictures and inner feelings, the screen is filled with youthful fantasies and tension from black land, looking generous and bold.
Guan Weixing told us that, watercolor painting was in recession at first in China; one reason is that figure painting was particularly important during Cultural Revolution period, but it is a difficult problem for the performance figures with watercolors, so watercolor paintings created during that period were basically denied. Since the 1980s, watercolor painting gradually gets attention and gains a development trend. Just like other creation works, watercolor painting is required to reflect emotions in the bosom. He pointed to the works Birch Forest and said that everyone has his own patch of birch forest, which can be like a gracefully standing girl, and also can be like a spirit dancing in the wind. From his interpretation of painting works, we feel his passion for life and inner world full of sunshine and love.
Zhang Kerang pays much attention to the application of materials, he said, foreign artists are very good at making use of paper, color and painting materials, different paper also have distinct features, and the picture effect also have very great difference. Paper is one of the key factors in watercolor painting, and it is the trend of the development of watercolor painting that artists should fully understand painting materials.
Zhang Kerang introduced Holland manual watercolor paper used by himself, his said, not too much change will occur to this handmade paper once it is painted even after experiencing thousands of years. This kind of paper is too thick to be impossible for mounting and compressing even by tons of heavy object, so it is difficult for drawing paintings on it. He moderately expresses that his own application of paper is still in exploration and discussion stage. Zhang Kerang pointed his works Half flame, Half water and said, this painting achieved many unexpected effects due to paper reasons, this also put forward a new problem to artists: artists should try a variety of painting materials in the creation, through familiarity with a variety of materials, watercolor paintings will look more abundant so as to drive the watercolor painting to develop toward a new trend.

It is reported that the exhibition will continue until March 23rd.