> About the Artist
Lv Shanchuan
Birth Date£º 1969
Birth Place£º Quanzhou, Fujian Province
Work place£º  Professional Artist
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°The Tale of Repair, Lv Shanchuan Solo Exhibitions¡±, 2005, Pfalz, Germany
¡°Matter 2007, Lv Shanchuan Solo Exhibitions¡± , 2007, Time Zone in 798, Beijing, China
¡°Matter 2008, Stand with China¡±, 2008, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
¡°Spot, Lv Shanchuan Solo Exhibitions¡±, 2011, Space Station in 798, Beijing, China
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°The Telling, Contemporary Art Exhibitions Across the Strait¡±, 2009, Taipei, Beijing, China
¡°Narration, the 4th Chengdu Biennale Exhibitions ¡±, 2009, Chengdu, China
¡°Change History ¡±, 2010, Beijing, China
¡°Rehearsal and Exercise, the 8th Shanghai Biennale Exhibitions ¡±, 2010, Shanghai, China
¡°Regulator, the Second Today Literature Exhibitions¡±, 2011, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
Art Reflections
    I am inspired by news and so I keep track of current affairs. The square is a shared space of a country or region. Since the time the city state of Athens got its squares, citizens have been participating in public life. In the meantime, the square is where news is spread, just like the media platforms of our day. In addition, it is a contemporary temple where people worship which also symbolises the authority of the State.
  • Landscape ¢ò
    Size: 500¡Á300cm
    Time: 2012
Opening hours 9:00 am-17: 00 (16:00 stop into the Museum) / Locations: Dongcheng District,Fourth Street on the 1st / Tel: 8010-64001476
National Art Museum of China