> About the Artist
Wang Yan
Birth Date£º 1956
Birth Place£º Anshan, Liaoning
Education£º Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Work place£º Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°Memory Fragments¡±, 2006, Eyelevel Gallery, Shanghai, China
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°The Mark of the Times, China Figural Art Exhibition¡±, 2009, MART CENTER, Shanghai, China
¡°Fifth China Songzhuang, Arts and Cultural Community Artist Community Exhibition¡±, 2009, Songzhuang, Beijing, China
¡°China¡ªThe China Institute of Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition¡±, 2010, True Color Museum, Suzhou, China
¡°variable Landscape¡±, 2010, Moon Lake Museum, Shanghai, China
¡°Dimensionality, Modern Art Community Exhibition¡±, 2011, Red Star Gallery in 798, Beijing, China
Art Reflections
    I like art that has been repeatedly altered and negated, and I like using the process of painting as an opportunity to seek and discover painted images. I like the unintentional residue left over from the process of seeking and erasing. You have to respond to the good things that happen by accident; it¡¯s in this process of dialogue and exchange that you approach the essence of painting, and immerse yourself in that world in which you can take a feeling or point of view and turn it into a palpable ¡°sign¡±. It¡¯s really a wondrous event.
  • The fading memory No.1
    Size: 300¡Á600cm
    Time: 2011
  • The fading memory No.2
    Size: 300¡Á400cm
    Time: 2011
  • The fading memory No.3
    Size: 300¡Á400cm
    Time: 2011
  • The fading memory No.4
    Size: 240¡Á570cm
    Time: 2011
  • The fading memory No.5
    Size: 190¡Á480cm
    Time: 2011
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