> About the Artist
Cao Jigang
Birth Date£º 1955
Birth Place£º Beijing
Education£º He graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Work place£º Central Academy of Fine Arts
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°Cao Jigang Art Exhibition¡±, 1992, NAMOC, Beijing, China
¡°China Image, Cao Jigang Stage Retrospective¡±, 2008, NAMOC, Beijing, China
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°Parallelism and Reply, Artist Communication Exhibition Between China and United States¡±, 2007, NAMOC, Beijing, China
¡°Pingyuan Way, Central Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition¡±, 2008, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
¡°Images Transformation¡ªContemporary Restatement of the Traditional Thinking¡±, 2009, NAMOC, Beijing, China
Art Reflections
    ¡°Borrowing¡± and ¡°appropriation¡± are important concepts in modern and contemporary art, much like the concept of ¡°drawing on the wisdom of the ancients¡± in traditional Chinese art. Such appropriations of China¡¯s traditional landscape paintings for use in a contemporary context is not done for the sake of ¡°reform¡±, but only to express oneself artistically: maintaining a distance from reality, and observing with a cold objective eye.
  • Guangling loose
    Size: 400¡Á720cm
    Time: 2012
  • Cold Stone No. 1
    Size: 150¡Á240cm
    Time: 2010
  • Cold Stone No. 2
    Size: 150¡Á240cm
    Time: 2010
  • May 30th.2010
    Size: 215¡Á370cm
    Time: 2011
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