> About the Artist
Wang Fenghua
Birth Date£º1971   
Birth Place£ºShanxi Province  
Education£ºHe got his Bachelor¡¯s degree in 1994 in Oil Painting Department, Xi¡¯an Academy of Fine Arts, and master's degree  in 2007.
Work place£º Plastic Arts Department of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts.
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°City¡¯s Bach, Wang Fenghua Solo Exhibition¡±, 2008, Gallery J. Chen, Taipei
¡°Blue Segregation, Wang Fenghua Solo Exhibition¡±, 2010, Gallery J. Chen, Taipei
¡°Wang Fenghua Solo Exhibition¡±, 2010, CIGE, Beijing, China
¡°Wang Fenghua Solo Exhibition, One of the 16 Young Artists in Asia¡±, 2011, CIGE, Bejing, China
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°Human Ability, Modern Art Exhibition¡±, 2007, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul, Korea
¡°Chongqing Youth Art Biennale¡±, 2009, Chongqing International Conference and Exhibition Center, Chongqing, China
¡°Change History, 2000¡ª2009 China New Art¡±, 2010, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
¡°Future Pass, From Asia to the World¡±, 2010, venice, Italy
¡°Chengdu Biennale, Sawing the Memory of Special Exhibition¡±, 2011, Nate Gallery, Chengdu
Art Reflections
  Since 2008 I¡¯ve been interested in the fences that crop up in cities, the kind used to demarcate construction sites, and they have gradually become for me a point of entry into a realm of experimentation. In modern cities, these fences have become part of the visual commonplace, and are full of significance. For me they are not only involved in building and demolition, but reflect the very essence of ¡°segregation¡±. They delineate two very different worlds: if you look closely, you might see through these fences the peasant workers who live in the city but are not accepted by the city, living within these walls in simple huts, existing completely cut off from the city. These partitions separate two different types of people, and separate unsightly construction rubbish from the bright lights of the big city. The seam of these partitions are as disturbing as a visual scar, and the bright blue structures have become an integral part of the urban landscape, as if reminding us that we must say our goodbyes to yesterday.
  • blue segregation No. 6
    Size: 150¡Á300cm
    Time: 2012
  • blue segregation No. 7
    Size: 150¡Á300cm
    Time: 2012
  • blue segregation No. 9
    Size: 150¡Á200cm
    Time: 2012
  • blue segregation No. 10
    Size: 150¡Á300cm
    Time: 2012
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