> About the Artist
Shen Fan
Birth Date£º 1952
Birth Place£º Shanghai
Education£º Shanghai Light Industry Institute
Work Place£º Shanghai Huashan Art School
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°Shen Fan Paper Works Exhibition¡±, 1988, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
¡°Shen Fan¡±, 1988, Jochen Holtje Gallery, Tubingen, Germany
¡°Basi mu¡±, 2004, China Modern Gallery, London, UK
¡°Having visited the Place¡±, 2008, Usher Gallery, Lincoln Collection, Lincoln, UK
¡°Landscapes 9210¡±, 2012, Shanghartgallery, Shanghai, China
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°M-Behavior and View Art Exhibition¡±, 1986, Shanghai Hongkou Culture and Art Center, Shanghai, China
¡°China!¡±, 1996, Bonn Modern Art Museum, Bonn, Germany
¡°Super Design¡ªthe 6th Shanghai Biennale¡±, 2006, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
¡°Shanghai Kaleidoscope¡±, 2008, ICC Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
¡°Shanghai¡±, 2010, Asia Art Museum, San Francisco, USA
Art Reflections
    Abstraction is a way of life, yet it is not something you choose. Rather it is formed out of the natural state of individual life. Abstraction can also be understood as the spiritual realm in art. An individualistic attitude that emphasises the internal self is a kind of creation based on one¡¯s self. The means of expression for such a creation is both determined and open-ended. It expresses both the past and the future yet remains independent. The art work gets rid of the past, today and tomorrow, body and soul. It is separate from its surroundings and rises above the visible parts of daily life, yet all this is represented in ¡®black and white¡¯.
  • Landscape 9210-003
    Size: 180¡Á180cm¡Á3
    Time: 2011
  • Landscape 9210-001
    Size: 88¡Á88cm¡Á3
    Time: 2011
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