> About the Artist
Chen Qiang
Birth Date£º 1960
Birth Place£º Hunan Provinc
Education£º He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of East China Normal University
Work place£º Shanghai Construction Engineering School
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°Chen Qiang Abstract Painting Exhibition¡±, 1995, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
¡°Chen Qiang Arts Exhibition¡±, 2001, Yian Gallery, Shanghai, China
¡°Chen Qiang Arts, 1993¡ª2003¡±, 2004, Zeit¡ªFoto Salon, Tokyo, Japan
¡°Beautiful Time¡ªChen Qiang Arts Exhibition¡±, 2007, Creek Art Center, Shanghai, China
¡°Distance is 2.2 Meters¡±, 2011, Insel Hombroich Foundation, Neuss, Germany
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°Dream of the Dragon¡ªChina Modern Art Exhibition¡±, 2004, Ireland Modern Art Museum, Ireland
¡°Elixir of Love¡±, 2008, Yuz Art Museum, Djakarta, Indonesia
¡°Rhyme and Chinese characters¡ªChinese Characters Art Impression¡±, 2010, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
¡°The end of the World¡ªIce and Fire 2011¡±, 2011, Ushuaia Biennial, Argentina
¡°The Taste of the Eastern¡ªChina Classic Art Exhibition¡±, 2012, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Art Reflections
¡¡¡¡Perceiving is not understanding. Looking without reading. The brain deprives the visual sense of its freedom. Abstract art liberates one from the way of seeing configured during one¡¯s childhood. Abstract art assembles in order to see. From within to without, that is the direction of reading. An outward (collective) reading needs to be interpreted; hence it needs narratives, descriptions and representation. An inward (individual) reading does not need to be interpreted; hence it needs no narrative, description or representation. Art is to be seen and sensed. It is about creation and life. In the media age, visual morphine is no doubt also a great way of consoling a tired heart.Reading keeps the groups in balance. It unifies thinking, standards and values. Reading brings about the loss of seeing.Seeing is the original state, a window, and a door opened by the will to see.
  • Work 12-12
    Size: 300¡Á600cm
    Time: 2012
  • Work 11-22
    Size: 300¡Á600cm
    Time: 2011
  • Work 10-22
    Size: 120¡Á90cm
    Time: 2010
  • Work 10-21
    Size: 175¡Á93cm
    Time: 2010
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