> About the Artist
Fang Shaohua
Birth Date£º 1962
Birth Place£º Hubei Province
Education£º He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Hubei Institute of Fine Art
Work place£º Professor of Fine Art Institute, South China Normal University
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°Fang Shaohua, Finding unpolluted Apple for the Garden of Eden¡±, 2008, Shanghai Art Museum, China
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°The 6th National Art Works Exhibition¡±, Excellent Art Award, 1984, NAMOC, Beijing, China
¡°The First China Oil Painting Exhibition¡±, 1987, Shanghai Art Museum, China
¡°China!¡±, 1996, Bonn Modern Art Museum, Bonn, Germany
¡°Shanghai Biennale 2000¡±, 2000, Shanghai Art Museum, China
¡°Transfer, Sanguan No.1 Art Exhibition¡±, 2011, Hubei Art Museum, China

Art Reflections
¡¡¡¡The reason I like Guangzhou is its tolerance: It is densely populated. Traffic jams abound. The city is home to many things, and many changes. The flowers blossoming in its humid and hot climate form a stark contrast with the soaring souls immersed in the din. Very much like my paintings. They are also what my paintings can carry. Even if such order is not to be dissected, it is to be analysed so its disguise can be uncovered. My paintings are closely linked to my life experience and social environment. In the abyss of art characterised by extremely individualised solitude and fear, I face up to the challenges of cruel reality and culture with faith, yet in the life of routines and changes I also start to doubt the existence of such a dreamy state. Some say that what exists is a history subject to constant revision. But isn¡¯t every individual that exists also subject to revision and has to go on like this until being transformed into an unrecognisable history?
  • Banboo without regulations-shadows in the wind
    Size: 200¡Á150cm
    Time: 2012
  • Banboo without regulations-Full of soft branches
    Size: 200¡Á150cm
    Time: 2012
  • Banboo without regulations-free garden
    Size: 200¡Á150cm
    Time: 2012
  • Banboo without regulations-silver snow
    Size: 200¡Á150cm
    Time: 2012
  • Banboo without regulations-rain sound
    Size: 200¡Á150cm
    Time: 2012
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