> About the Artist
Wang Yigang
Birth Date£º 1961
Birth Place£º Heilongjiang Province
Education£º He graduated from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts.
Work Place£º Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Dalian Art Museum.
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°The Time and the Place¡±, 2007, Art Museum of Maryland Museum, United States
¡°This Is Not Chinese Landscape¡±, 2008, Singapore
¡°Wang Yigang Abstract Art Retrospective¡±, 2010, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
¡°From the Western to Eastern¡±, 2010, Huashan Creating Culture Center, Taipei, China
¡°Between Colors and Emotions¡±, 2012, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°Post¡ªPioneer China New Art Exhibitions¡±, 2007, Hanart, Hongkong, China
¡°Crush, Cases Regarding the Chinese Modern Art Experiment¡±, 2009, Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
¡°Change History, 2000¡ª2009 China New Art¡±, 2010, Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, China
¡°Guangzhou Triennial, 3rd Nature, Made in China¡±, 2012, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China
¡°Invisible of Visible, China Modern Art Exhibition¡±, 2012, Kulturjahr Art Center, Germany
Art Reflections
    As an artist, one must first be independent in thought and character, and aware of the importance of ¡°individuality¡±. It is this ¡°individuality¡± which receives its full expression in painting and which alone creates meaningful art. I have always turned to ¡°abstract art¡± as the best way to express myself, and I try to use it to deconstruct representational reality and other authoritative discourses. Your attitude determines your art; this is something I firmly believe, and it¡¯s a belief that can only be developed in abstract painting, which is extremely inimical to representation painting. Each of these paintings attempts to bring together all my artistic experience, all the paths I¡¯ve taken, into one painting. I decided to continue using the dots I¡¯ve used in the past, to bring out a sense of modernity or a modern industrial element. The size of the dots and their arrangement, were determined only after some experimentation. They also bring out the paintings¡¯ experimental character, and the potential for exploring the unknown world.
  • Shallow deep red Method No. 77
    Size: 160¡Á300cm
    Time: 2012
  • Shallow deep red Method No. 78
    Size: 160¡Á300cm
    Time: 2012
  • Shallow deep red Method No. 79
    Size: 160¡Á300cm
    Time: 2012
  • Shallow deep red Method No.73
    Size: 600¡Á400cm
    Time: 2012
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