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Zhong Biao

¡®The moment when a concept is formed also marks the time a method is formed¡¯. When imagery as the creative element symbolising the contemporary has turned into a physical object and follows a certain logical relations in its representation of reality, every moment for Zhong Biao becomes a phenomenon, while truth lies in the motion and trajectory of change. Such distinctions from the ordinary symbolised concepts of abstract art have engendered new ways of expression in Zhong Biao, namely the presentation of art¡¯s latent power with visible images and their corresponding layout, which is also an endless fountainhead of creativity. Zhong Biao¡¯s pictures are filled with many popular and fashion symbols yet they are not borrowings from Pop Art or mouthpieces of consumerism. They are precisely the highlights or concealments existing in contemporaneity ¨C ¡®Past, present and future, everything is already in existence and will only assume a form when dated¡¯. Such significance of ¡®passage¡¯ is best exemplified in his exhibit Everything is already in existence and will only assume a form when dated, in which the living spectacles from rural to urban and then back to rural settings have turned towards a chaotic world of energies. As we look at his masterpieces, the painting only furnishes the background for life and historical changes, and the concept of ¡®passage¡¯ dominates the process of seeing, thereby creating a visual ¡®two-fold passage¡¯, which is exactly where his creative genius lies in terms of his ¡®chasing the becoming¡¯ principle and the work¡¯s layout. The grand picture rises above from the scene of becoming and forms a competitive relation between form and becoming: the latter being the noiseless noise of the motion of the world of energy and the former the absurdity of real life. In his mind¡¯s eye, the latter determines the former. Such transformation from graphic medium to total art was motivated by Zhong Biao¡¯s reflection of the invisible world; The illusion felt by the audience is the Sturm und Drang of real life and its unknown realms.   

  • All has been in existence , showm when it passes
    Size: 1200¡Á400cm
    Time: 2012
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