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Li Songsong
For Li Songsong, painting is at a disadvantage in terms of the verisimilitude of representation, which is better served by photography. What he wants to represent is artistic figures at a distance to reality. His paintings are based on photographs shot at historical moments with specific themes. Yet they transcend photography and stand apart from history. In the coordinates of time and space everything becomes history. Everybody is deeply entrenched in history without any hope of escape. Li Songsong¡¯s significance lies in his attempts to push history away, blur and lighten irrelevant historical details, filtering through and capturing the key information of events. He then deploys the collage-like ¡®colour patch photography¡¯ to dissect and deconstruct the completeness of pictures in order to imbue them with his personal take on history, without losing sight of allowing the viewer to obtain a rather disjointed image and new space for reflections from the d¨¦j¨¤ vu experience. His Bay Horse, which is exhibited here, similarly comes from representative historical moment, but he has broken up the viewing conventions and interpretive logic of the audience and the entire atmosphere of the painting have taken on an abstract nature and uncertainty of signification through intentional or inadvertent departures and integrations. His ¡®contemporary¡¯ outlook, which guides him to excavate and reconfigure historical signs to express personal feelings and reflections, has defined Li Songsong¡¯s work in contemporary Chinese art.
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    Size: 120¡Á120cm
    Time: 2011
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