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Ma Ke

If painting is the battlefield that humanity has created to do battle with space, then Ma Ke asserts the artists right to occupy space and resources. Ma feels an artistic responsibility to create objects, and his art contains his interpretations of the world and his thoughts on the times. He identifies with tradition and with the mainstream, but the awareness of living in modern times makes his art self-consciously different from tradition, and more focused on the aesthetic appeal and power of the individual, the sensual, the lived, and the spiritual. This also gives his art a respect for the dignity of solitude and rationality. For Ma Ke, painting is a spiritual medium. His reticence disappears when he enters his fantasy world, where he creates volume after volume of spiritual texts based on his own visual experience. In this solitary space built with his passion for painting, he is true to his own heart, and he uses whatever artistic elements at hand to document his artistic explorations of that moment in space-time when restrictions are overcome. Because of this, viewers find it difficult not to become trapped in his paintings, or to listen to the secrets revealed to us by the hidden symbols. The images of shouting, the coarse lines, and the robust outlines all reflect Western modernism. Into scenes of ordinary life Ma injects abstract and expressive elements, distorting objects and transforming them to reveal their spiritual mysteries. In his dark toned compositions, one frequently finds horses, oceans, and people reading, shouting, or crying. His artistic mastery of these elements reveals his unique personal view of modern times.

  • Torch
    Size: 300245cm
    Time: 2012
  • Crowd
    Size: 438390cm
    Time: 2011
  • Sand storm 8
    Size: 390219cm
    Time: 2012
  • Sand storm 9
    Size: 390219cm
    Time: 2012
  • Horn
    Size: 245300cm
    Time: 2012
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