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Eight famous scenes of Xiaoxiang¡¤Baoshu drumming
Author : Jing Shijian
Year : 2012
Size : 250¡Á400cm
Birth Date£º 1960
Birth Place£º Heishan, Liaoning Province
Education£º Doctor¡¯s Degree in Oil Painting Department, China Academy of Art
Work Place£º China Academy of Art 
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°Roaming In the World¡ªJing Shijian Sole Exhibition¡±, 2006, Art Museum of Shanghai, Shanghai, China
¡°Geography of Art¡ªJing Shijian Sole Exhibition¡±, 2006, NAMOC, Beijing, China
¡°The Possibility of Reading¡ªFrozen 2008 Seconds¡±, 2008 Action Art, BeiJing, China
¡°Rowing a Boat¡ªThe Art of Jing Shijian¡±, 2009 ZhangJiang-Art Center, Shanghai, China
¡°The Possibility of Reading¡ªFrozen 2009 Seconds¡±, 2009 Action Art, HangZhou, China
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°Immigrate City¡±, 2008, Shanghai International Biennial, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
¡°Live Classical Chinese Garden, From Fantasy to Reality¡±, 2008, Dresden, Germany
¡°China Narratives¡ªChengdu Biennial¡±, 2009, Chengdu International Exhibition Center, Sichuan, China
¡°Reshaping History¡ªChinese New Art¡±, 2010, The National Conference Center of Beijing, China
¡°Incorporeal Shape¡ªChinese Contemporary Art Collection¡±, 2012, Germany¡ªChinese Culture Year,Germany
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