> Artwork Exhibition
Lateral study 3-2012
Author : Ma Shuqing
Year : 2012
Size : 300¡Á150cm
Birth Date£º 1956
Education£º He graduated from Tianjin Applied Art School in 1976.In 1995, he graduated from Munich University of Fine Arts, Germany.
Work place£º Professional Artists
Solo Exhibitions£º
¡°Bllder I¡¯m Raum¡±, 1994, KLAUS LEA Gallery, Munich, Germany
¡°Solo Exhibition¡±, 2010, Consulate General of Germany, Beijing, China
¡°Germany Solo Exhibition Space¡ªDrawing¡±, 2011, Shifang Art Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany
¡°Beijing Solo Exhibition¡ªself wadding¡±, 2011, The Mizuki Contemporary Gallery, Beijing, China
¡°KOGO ART Solo Exhibition¡±, 2011, Hangzhou Lonely valley of the Art Space, Hangzhou, China
Group Exhibitions£º
¡°China Modern Art Exhibition¡±, 2010, Modern Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
¡°Hubei Art Museum Abstract Painting Group Exhibition¡±, 2010, Hubei, China 
¡°Beijing Yuan Dian Art Gallery Abstract Painting Group Exhibition¡±, 2010, Beijing, China 
¡°Abstract Painting Exhibition¡±, 2010, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China 
¡°China Abstract Painting Group Exhibition¡±, 2011, GALERIE FRANK SCHLA Gallery, Germany

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